What is Paddl?

We’re so glad you asked. Paddl is a web application that helps emerging talent discover, acquire and record their experience. Employers use Paddl to recruit and hire based on the demonstration of relevant experience and employment skills, not just education and background.

1. Paddl for Explorer Users

Paddl is killing the resume by with one easy to read, shareable profile.

Add Activity Cards to showcase your experience
Easily show potential employers everything that makes you… you. Activity Cards are your chance to document and share skills you’ve developed through the unique experiences that you have had as well as track your progress on your career journey.

Complete challenges, not resumes
Never submit an empty resume again! Applications through Paddl automatically include your Paddl Explorer Profile and help you distinguish yourself from the competition with fun challenges.

Develop Your Skills
Keep your eyes peeled for Paddl Games amongst the other opportunities in your jobs feed! They’re your chance to develop your skills by working on an innovation project with industry experts.

2. Paddl for Employers

Paddl gives your business powerful tools to filter and attract top talent.

Use Profiles, not resumes
Learn about emerging and mature talent at a glance through their Paddl Explorer Profile - an easy to  understand summary that showcases their experience upfront and centre.

Create your campaign in minutes
Our easy to navigate, campaign creation forms guide you through the whole process, meaning you’re ready to start receiving applications sooner!

Shortlist at a glance with scorecards
Use engaging Paddl Challenges to test applicants before they apply. No more empty resumes, just scorecards on what matters to your business.

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