At Paddl we offer different Packages for all Employers, large and small, to grow your business and discover the new emerging talent of today. 

Find out more about included features in each package in our Pricing page.

New Talent Solutions

Paddl has designed three different packages with flexible payment options, and this is how we thought of them: Standard, Growth and Enterprise with additional packs to power up your Paddl Campaigns. 

Standard (DYI option)

You're a small business or a startup that wants some extra hands to help out on your day-to-day. Looking to hire 1-3 times a year.

Standard Campaigns start at $75 and are processed through In-App Credit Card payment billed prior to each Campaign post.

Enjoy Standard Campaigns for FREE with Campaigns Lite temporarily ahead of major app updates!

Growth (Supported campaign)

Your company is growing, it's key for you to attract relevant talent to join your team. Looking to hire  approximately 10 times a year.

Supported campaigns start at $500 and are invoiced via Customer Success billed prior to each Campaign post.

Enterprise (Managed Account)

You are a large organisation with hiring programs and require custom requirement.

Enjoy a hands-off experience as Paddl manages your Account for you up to the point of Applicant Selection starting at $2,000 per Campaign invoiced via Customer Success.

Power-up your Paddl Campaigns with additional packages like Reach Booster.

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