From the moment you set your campaign live, it will be open for applications from our talented Paddl community for a period of 30 days. 

Live Campaign Period

The campaign page will show a countdown of the days left until applications close, and a coloured ring around your logo that will transition from green to light orange (7 days left to apply), and then grey as applications close. This information is visible to you and applicants.

You are able to shortlist applicants as soon as you begin to receive applications.

Currently, Employer users are unable to manage the length of a Campaign in Paddl. If you need to extend or shorten your campaign period get in touch with our friendly Support Team through the Support Chat.

Review Period

After the application period ends, you will get an additional 30 days to review applications and shortlist candidates. During this time, the job campaign is no longer visible to Paddl users, so you won’t receive new applicants. 

To inform you that a campaign is in the Review Period, the circle around your company logo will be orange and re-start a new 30-day countdown only visible to you.

Use this time to carefully evaluate each application, easily shortlist successful applicants and automatically notify them of their progress. 

You can view the status of all your campaigns at any time in your Campaigns dashboard.

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