Now you can choose a URL for your Paddl Profile for a more personalised experience. A custom Profile URL will make it easier for you to share, will enhance your personal brand and you will look like a much savvier user.

A Custom Profile URL also allows you to control how you appear in search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc.

How to Personalise Your Profile URL?

Go to your Settings page and to Preferences to find a new Profile URL panel. Type your preferred URL into the text box directly, or choose from one of the suggestions below.

This text field provides you with feedback for the URL you're selecting.

The URL is available

When you enter a valid URL,  message. Paddl will show you a green tick next to the URL you've chosen. Don't forget to hit 'Save Changes'.

The URL is not available

Custom Profile URLs are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you’re trying a URL that has already been taken by another user, you will receive a warning message saying that the URL is unavailable. 

Paddl will help you optimise your Profile URL with suggestions. Click on one of the suggestions and it will automatically populate the field. Click the 'x' on the right-hand side to dismiss a suggestion.

Going back to Default Profile URL

Your default Profile URL is defined by your Profile ID. You can always reset the URL to this unique number by clicking on the number shown in blue..

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