You can manage your Profile visibility preferences and select which sections you share publicly and with search engines. 

Show Profile Publicly

Simply choose “Yes” and anyone will be able to view your Profile. That means that your Experience and Summary sections are visible.

You can also personalise the URL for your Profile for easy sharing and discoverability.

Note: If the person viewing your profile is also a Paddl user, they can view your entire profile when they are logged in. However, if the person viewing your profile DOES NOT have a Paddl account just yet, they can only view your five most recent Activities.

Private Profile

Disable your Profile visibility by clicking on the button next to ‘Show Profile Publicly”. This will change your profile from Public to Private and will automatically hide all the Profile sections.

Public Profile (Don’t show some Profile sections)

You can also choose your own combinations of Profile sections you want to show publicly or not. You can turn off the visibility of the ‘About me’ and/or ‘Current Location’ separately.

At the moment, it isn’t possible to manage the visibility settings of specific Activities in your Experience Profile when this is Public.

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