When your Profile is Public, if the person viewing your profile is also a Paddl user, they can view your entire profile when they are logged in. However, if the person viewing your profile DOES NOT have a Paddl account just yet, they can only view your five most recent Activities.

This is how your profile will look to a non Paddl user.

When your Profile is Private, a ‘Page Not Found’ error message will automatically pop up if a non Paddl user tries to access your Profile URL.

Managing Your Profile Visibility

You can manage your Profile visibility preferences and select which sections you share publicly and with search engines. If you haven’t updated your Profile visibility settings, it will be set as Public by default. You can make your Profile Private if you choose to in three simple steps:

Step 1. To check and manage your Profile visibility go to “Settings”.

Step 2. Choose “Preferences”.

Step 3. Now you can choose your Profile Visibility preferences. 

There are several combinations you can select.

Pro Tip! When updating your Profile visibility settings, click on “See Your Public Profile” and a new tab will open in your browser showing you exactly how your Public Profile looks like.

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