To add Activity Cards to your Paddl Profile you must have an active Paddl Account and be registered as an Individual.


Each Activity Card has 3 sections Details, Skills and Duration that contain information specific to a Paddlr's personal experience.

You must complete each Section to submit and save your Activity Card.

In the example below we can see the 3 Card Sections for Bachelor Degree in their 'empty state' meaning they have not been completed.

The Submit button in the Card Footer will remain locked (grey) until you have completed each Section.

Completing the Details Section

Clicking a Card Section will open its form view. In the example below we see the Details form view for Bachelor Degree.

Once you have completed the required fields, the "Continue" button will turn green and allow you to move on to another Section. 

Tip: Some Activities do not require all fields in the Details form, look out for the "Continue" button turning green to move on.

Tagging Skills to your Activity

The Skills Section allows us to tag the Skills we have developed during that Activity.

Typing into the search & select bar will show you Skills you might be looking for. 

Selecting from the dropdown menu or hitting enter will add that Skill to your Activity.

You can Select as many Skills as you wish and come back to add or change them at any time.

Tip: Hit the 'X' on each blue tag to remove it from your Activity. If you're editing a saved Card, don't forget to hit "Continue" and "Submit" the save your changes.


The Duration Section captures when you worked on your Activity and helps us keep track of Activities in Progress. 

In the example below, we see the Duration form for Bachelor Degree asking us for the Start (month and year) and Finish (month and year) of our course.

If your Activity is still In Progress, you can enter the date you expect to complete it and your Activity Card will show a progress bar like the example below.

This is a great way to keep track of your Activity.

Submit Your Card

Completing all 3 Card Sections will turn the "Submit" button green and allow you to save your Activity Card. 

In the example below we see Bachelor Degree complete and ready to Submit.

Clicking "Submit" will reload your page and take you back to your Experience Timeline where you can see your Activity Card saved.

You can click your Activity in your Timeline to open it and edit sections at any time.

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