Activity Cards represent real world activities that contribute to an individual's professional experience and skills. You can identify features in Paddl that reference Activity Cards by the artwork below.


Activity Cards are organised into Categories which can be identified by their colour and icon found in the header and footer of each card. In the example below, we see that Bachelor Degree is in the purple Education Category.

Find out more about Categories.

Activity Card Sections

Each Activity Card has 3 sections Details, Skills and Duration that contain information specific to a user's personal experience. 

In the example below we see Bachelor Degree has been completed with details on a University of Melbourne course. This Activity Card has 7 skills tagged to it and is 61% complete. 

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Activity Cards Packs

Paddl is constantly working to create new Activity Cards in line with modern sources of professional experience and release these as Packs.

Click here for a complete list of currently available Activity Cards.

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