To add Activity Cards to your Paddl Profile you must have an active Paddl Account and be registered as an Individual.

Find & Click the "Add Experience" Button

You can find this button on your Paddl Profile under the Experience Tab and at the top of your Timeline as shown in the example below.

Select a Category

Clicking "Add Experience" will open a card showing us the list of Categories currently available in Paddl. There are a few examples of Activities you might find in each Category shown in grey. 

Click the Category you're looking for to progress.

Select your Activity 

Choosing a Category will navigate you to a dropdown list of Activity Cards in that Category. Click "Select an Activity" and then choose from the dropdown list to progress.

Complete Card Sections 

Choosing an Activity Card will present us with an empty card shown in the example below. Each Card Section (shown in grey) allows you to enter information specific to your experience. 

Complete each Card Section to submit your Activity Card.

Need help completing Card Sections?

Click here to view Editing Activity Cards.

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