In general, it's really important you write something that shows your personality - it shouldn't just be a list of everything you've done. Instead, highlight projects, experiences or achievements you’re proud of. 

Employers will want to know who you are - letting your personality shine through is the best way to do that!

Here are two examples of some excellent Paddl Profiles:

Kathryn's Paddl Profile used paragraphs to outline her experience and interests, bolding key information as she went. We also loved the use of humour in her writing, as well as her conversational style - they helped show off her personality.

Panhavuth's Paddl Profile listed out different experiences he's had, organising them into neat groups with headings and subheadings. We thought this was a fantastic way of presenting a lot of information clearly, without overloading your reader with content.

Useful guides

We've created the following step-by-step guides to help you:

How to write an awesome Paddl Profile and Summary

How to use markdown to format your Paddl Profile

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