Paddl allows you to add Challenges to your job campaigns, helping you to quickly shortlist applications. Currently, Paddl allows employers to add Insight Questions as an application Challenge when creating a job campaign. 

Employers use a maximum of ten Insight Questions to help them determine the most relevant candidates from the applicant pool. Insight Questions require a Yes/No response and typically form the core requirements or the skills, qualifications and/or experience the employer deems non-negotiable. 

For example, a cafe owner may only be interested in applicants with an RSA licence, have access to a car and can work weekends. Therefore, their Insight Questions would be:

  1. Do you have a current RSA licence?
  2. Do you have a valid Victorian Driver's Licence and have access to a car?
  3. Are you available to work Friday and Saturday nights between 5pm to 12am?

When it comes time to shortlist, you’ll see each applicant’s total score and able to quickly shortlist based on their scores. 

Get started with Insight Questions:

  1. When you create a new campaign, scroll to the ‘Challenges’ section and click ‘Add Challenge’ 
  2. Select ‘Questions - Insight’
  3. Type your question into the text field. Students can only select yes or no (to save you time reading lengthy responses when you shortlist), so make sure you're only asking yes/no questions.
  4. Select the correct response - i.e. Yes or No. If students select this response, they will be awarded a point to their total score.
  5. Save your questions and get ready to set your campaign live!

Remember, you can't change challenge questions once your campaign is live, so make sure you're happy with them before you finalise your campaign.


If there is a particular question you want applicants to respond to in more detail than a yes/no response, include clear instructions in the job details section asking applicants provide details in the cover note. You could even use an Insight Question to ask “Have you responded to xxxx question in your cover note?”

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