To get started with your campaign:

1. Log in to your Paddl Account

2. Click the Orange + at the top right of the 'Campaigns' tab to create a new campaign

3. Add job details:

Type in a snappy headline - this is the title of your job, and will be the first thing that appears to prospective candidates. So, make sure it's clear, concise and eye catching. 

E.g. rather than ‘Come and intern with us!’ opt for something clearer like ‘12 Week Digital Marketing Internship’

Select a category for your campaign - this shows applicants what type of role you're advertising, be it an Internship, Casual or Graduate role. 

Enter the number of positions you're seeking applicants for

Set the Pay rate and expected hours the applicant will work. We recommend always checking the pay rate for any position is compliant with Fairwork’s regulations.

Select the role's location by typing in a suburb/city and selecting it from the drop-down menu

When you've completed these steps, your campaign should look similar to this

Next, write your job description

Provide as much information in the job description as possible. This will help applicants determine whether or not they are appropriate for the role, saving you time by reducing the number of unsuitable candidates.

There are two essential elements to any good job description:

  • An outline of the role - i.e. what the applicant will actually be doing, should they be employed
  • An outline of a ‘successful applicant’ - i.e. the skills/qualifications an applicant should have

It can also be helpful to add in some information about your organisation to provide applicants with background about where they would be working. 

When you're done, click Save.

Add some Challenge Questions:

Use challenge questions to save you time when shortlisting. You can ask questions to clarify key details such as “Do you have experience using the Adobe Suite” or “Do you require an internship/placement to graduate from your course.” 

To learn more about creating challenge questions, click here.

When you're done, click Post & Pay to finalise your campaign and set it live.

During our Campaigns Lite Promotion, every campaign post is free. The discount will be automatically applied when you reach the payment screen.

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